The Arly Kruse Educational Foundation Impact Facts

Updated December 2020

What has the Arly Kruse Educational Foundation accomplished?

Established in Fall 2019, The AKEF has thus far provided 140 students with small group tutoring in Math, Reading and English to build on their current knowledge and skills. These students might not have otherwise sought out or been able to afford tutoring without funding provided by the AKEF and have benefitted with small group environments (five students maximum) which allow the instructors to give personalized help to each student.

How does a student qualify for this outreach?

The in-person recipients are initially identified by school administrators as academically vulnerable students. The current online version operates on a first come, first serve basis and is conducted through online registration.

What is the incurred cost to the AKEF per child to enroll in the program?

$20 per hour, per student. With 5-sessions per enrollment, the total cost per child is $100.

What are the program goals for 2021?

Our goals for 2021 are to continue to offer tutoring virtually to meet the restrictions per Covid-19. We hope to implement the program in-person once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. Our community outreach goal is to sustain enrollment of 150-200 students per 4-week enrollment period.

How many tutors are involved in the program?

We have 6 tutors at the moment and plan to expand with further funding.

How many schools have implemented the program thus far?

We have implemented the program in one pilot school in the spring of 2020, and converted to a 100% online version until Covid-19 restrictions are lifted

For every $100 invested, what does the AKEF provide?

For every $100 invested, we are able to provide a child with 5 hours of small group tutoring.

What is the duration of each enrollment period? How many contact minutes are there between the tutor and child?

Each enrollment period includes five one-hour sessions (300 total contact minutes). The online version includes five time slots offered throughout the day on Mondays as Mondays are non-contact days for BVSD students and teachers. Once the in-person

sessions resume, students will receive tutoring immediately following the end-of-school bell.

What metrics are being used to measure reach and impact?

Enrollment numbers, as well as overall student needs.

How many students are enrolled in the program per session?

A maximum of five students are enrolled in each session. There were six spring in-person sessions with a total of 27 students and to this point, 140 students are enrolled in the fall online sessions, which began November 9, 2020. The wait list is


What is the financial goal for 2021?

Our current goal is to fund $75,000 worth of tutoring to reach 150 - 200 students per session for 4-enrollment periods of 5-week sessions each enrollment in the Spring of



Angela Lauridsen,

BVSD Lifelong Learning Program Administrator

The Arly Kruse Educational Foundation has been a huge lifeline to 140 students to date struggling to learn virtually and keep up in the classroom.

Kim Jensen Black,

Manager, Facility Use and Lifelong Learning Boulder Valley Community Schools

The tutoring classes you are financing are needed more than ever. What a gift you have provided during this unprecedented time. Thank you.

Renée Williams,

Director, Boulder Valley Community Schools

The free tutoring services could not have come at a better time. We have a waitlist of over 100 students! The Arly Kruse Educational Foundation is doing wonderful work for our students.