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Angela Lauridsen 

BVSD Lifelong Learning Program Administrator 

BVSD Lifelong Learning has responded to the drop in student assessment scores brought on by the COVID pandemic by working alongside the Arly Kruse Educational Foundation to provide small group tutoring in the subjects where students are most impacted (literacy, math and english comprehension). AKEF has been a huge lifeline to 140 students to date struggling to learn virtually and keep up in the classroom. Our initial demand has exceeded expectations as parents seek help and support for classroom work and upcoming assessments.


Moving forward, our parents, educators, students and administrators are all invested in expanding this program to many more students in need. We aspire to provide free tutoring to as many students as possible during this challenging educational climate. Immediately following Winter Break, we are prepared to offer 3-5 week tutoring sessions through May, servicing 100 students in each session. Through three sessions, the cost of tutoring 300 students at $100 per student will set the funding amount at $30,000. 


Thank you for your consideration and for being such a beacon of hope for so many students, parents, teachers and administrators with your generosity and compassion.

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Renée Williams

 Director, Boulder Valley Community Schools

I want to thank you for your gift to Community Schools and the students of Boulder Valley School District. The free tutoring services could not have come at a better time. We have a waitlist of over 100 students! The Arly Kruse Educational Foundation is doing wonderful work for our students. 

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Kim Jensen Black

Manager, Facility Use and Lifelong Learning, Boulder Valley Community Schools

Who would have known that when we met last Fall about your gracious and generous donation to BVSD to offer tutoring for kids we would be in a global pandemic by Spring. But here we are and the tutoring classes you are financing are needed more than ever. What a gift you have provided during this unprecedented time. Thank you.

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